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Posts from: July 2015

Darkling Incidence: Obscure Reflections by K.M. Tonso

July 7th, 2015 by

We’re excited to announce the forthcoming exceptional collection from K.M. Tonso, DARKLING INCIDENCE: Obscure Reflections, coming in September 2015 with cover and interior artwork by the phenomenal Luke Spooner (Carrion House).

“Herein are contained reflections of what, as Saint Paul says, we see in a glass darkly. And as this angle of incidence is so shadowed, so must be the reflections it derives.

These sixteen stories provide obscure reflections of worlds much like ours yet different. Worlds that grapple with increasingly confused and distorted realities.

Each reflection so vivid as to become an open doorway where unwary readers might just find themselves stumbling over the threshold… never to return.”

Stay tuned for more reveals in the coming weeks!

Front Cover Art - new font

04 The Dreams of Dead Childen - with text

16 Topanga Canyon - with text