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Rena Mason Wins Stoker! And Other News

May 30th, 2014 by

evo (hi-res) coverAlthough we’ve bragged all over social media, we realize that there has not been an official post over here at NSP central. We’re extremely happy to break this website-radio silence to announce that our very own Rena Mason won the 2013 Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in a First Novel with her book, The Evolutionist.

And let’s not forget last year’s winner in the same category, L.L. Soares for his novel, Life Rage, not to mention the equally-exciting 2012 nomination, Peter Dudar’s A Requiem for Dead Flies.

SterlingCityIn other news, Stephen Graham Jones’s Sterling City, previously only available on Kindle, is now available in paperback!

A moon explodes and a marriage dies. An impossible creature rises from the tall grass, watches a farmer’s circle system crawl across the field like a giant insect. That farmer watches back. His wife’s footprints are there in the dirt. The fire in the sky leaves his shadow crisp and deep. This is Texas without the cowboy hat. This is Texas with a soft rain of cosmic debris sifting down over it. This is a dark, dangerous thing hiding in the cellar, but this is also a girl threading her bangs out of her face and smiling with her eyes at a boy. This is that impossible creature, love. This is Sterling City.

You want to snag a copy…

And how about next week…Monday…we’ll throw up a little reveal here for some things we’ve been working on? You likey? We likey, too. Stay tuned…