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Posts from: June 2012

Nightscape Press Presents:

June 30th, 2012 by

Sunfall Manor

A novella by Peter Giglio with an introduction by Stoker-winning author, Joe McKinney

Edgar is a ghost cursed to spend his nights at Sunfall Manor, an apartment complex that was once a farmhouse in the flatlands of Nebraska. Every night he must move through five different dwellings, haunted by the living–a drunken and paranoid writer, an abused housewife, a colder-than-ice web-mistress, a two-bit drug dealer, and a crazy old man who plays with puppets–trying to unlock the secrets of who he is. But tonight is different. The lost souls of Sunfall Manor are ready to give up the ghost, and the past is ready to open its cold, unforgiving arms.

“Any horror fan who’s properly awake has been following the crazily productive visionary exactitude of Peter Giglio. He slings plainsong toughness pressurized by pop-eyed mania. SUNFALL MANOR’s not his debut, though it’s his debut masterpiece: A cold-trance-inducing, five-click merry-go-round about a rundown dwelling in …the flatlands that feels more like a schizoid colony in outer space. This thing should be a major film, though we’ll have to wake up Kubrick to do it right. A work of art that you’ll be judged for missing.” —Eric Shapiro, author of SHORT OF A PICNIC and STORIES FOR THE END OF THE WORLD

Coming October 2012!

Nightscape Press Pre-orders

June 23rd, 2012 by

Ladies and gentlemen, you can now pre-order your trade paperback or ebook copies of our 3 upcoming summer titles A REQUIEM FOR DEAD FLIES by Peter N. Dudar, BUTTERFLY POTION by Trent Zelazny, and WORLD’S COLLIDER: A SHARED-WORLD ANTHOLOGY edited by Richard Salter from the Nightscape Press bookstore!


NSP’s First Title Gets its First Review!

June 21st, 2012 by

The first review is in for A REQUIEM FOR DEAD FLIES and it’s high praise! The highly respected Michael R. Collings reviewed ARFDF over on his blog, Collings Notes, and he had some really great things to say about it. You can read the full review here.

Also, you can now pre-order the trade paperback and ebook editions of A REQUIEM FOR DEAD FLIES directly from Nightscape Press by going to this page or clicking on the cover image below!

Nightscape Press Presents:

June 15th, 2012 by


The Evolutionist 

A novel by Rena Mason 

At night, down-to-earth Las Vegas socialite, Stacy Troy, dreams that everyone is dead. Nosebleeds and head-splitting alarms only she can hear become a regular occurrence. In her nightmares, Stacy dismembers bodies, stuffs them into a shopping cart, then takes them two at a time to the pile where she will burn them and say her last goodbyes.

Waking nightly to her own screams, Stacy is convinced she’s on the brink of a mid-life crisis and begins secretly seeing a psychiatrist. But as eerie as Dr. Light may be, his treatments work and her circumstances improve. Until the nightmares return with a vengeance taking on a life of their own. Still uncertain what to believe, Stacy carries on living the only life she remembers. But her other, nocturnal world refuses to die. The images it shows her hold clues that lead her to a shocking discovery, threatening to unravel the last thread of her sanity and Stacy must make a heartrending decision…

Before her post-apocalyptic nightmares come true.

A stunning debut novel from one of horror’s rising stars.

Submissions update

June 3rd, 2012 by

The response from authors we’ve had has been phenomenal. So much so that we’re going to have to slow things down for a short while.

Nightscape Press is temporarily closing its doors to unsolicited submissions. Once we are caught up with our current workload we will reopen. If we have spoken to you about your manuscript and shown interest to see it please still send it as we do still plan on looking over it. However all other manuscripts we receive from now until further notice will be deleted unread.

Thank you for your interest in Nightscape Press and we do intend to reopen as soon as possible.